Trinity Medispa is the perfect place to relax and unwind. With 7 luxurious relaxation and treatment rooms, we’re one of the best luxury spas you’ll find in the midtown of Toronto. We offer complimentary consultation, Petit Caffe services and High quality massage chairs are ready for your spa services, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your spa experience.

Whether you are looking to relax, renew or rebuild, our bright and modern facility has got you covered. Our day spa will pamper your senses and more from manicures to massages and specialty treatments like celebrity famous Bird Poop Facials. Come as you are or as a group, Trinity is happy to accommodate groups and parties.

Highly trained, professional staff will take care of your skin health concerns in our fully equipped medical-spa. Epidermal Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening, Botox, Dysport and Dermal Fillers are just a few of the many services we offer. Everyone is unique with different needs so we believe in individualized skin care programs developed around your concerns, expectations and lifestyle. Our wellness center offers Weightloss Management. We take care of health, nutrition and diet.

今天来介绍一下,Trinity的“冻脂仪器”。Trinity拥有最先进、最高版本的“冻脂仪器”设备,没有手术、没有恢复期,省时又没有那么痛! 虽然冬天已经来临,但是也不意味着你可以肆无忌惮的把肥肉全都藏起来。其实冬天是减肥的最好时机,因为寒冷的天气能帮助你更好的瘦身。但是也正是因为冬天,你可能会很容易的被一杯热巧或者暖暖的发胖食品吸引! 现在开始别再害怕寒冷啦,现在正是“冰冻”你脂肪的时候!

Trintiy Medispa 将为您提供全方位的贴心售后服务,我们会还需跟进您的疗程状况。为了顾客的要求和顾客的安全,我们将先对您的状况尽情评估,之后对您做“冻脂疗程”的同时进项其他的治疗。我们拥有最专业的治疗医师,Trinity将提供最舒适的治疗。为您量身定做适合您自己的治疗疗程,Trinity还将为您制订最适合您身材的体重、体态。Trinity很有信心的和您说我们将提供最先进最领先的瘦身技术。这个冬天,成功的”冻”掉恶心的脂肪吧!
我们建议您做“冻脂疗程”的同时也注射韩国明星最爱的的溶脂针,可以增加新陈代谢并且溶解脂肪细胞。天然的配方,安全又排毒,即使对天天去健身房的顾客们也是很有帮助的。所以溶脂针是长时间维持身材纤瘦的秘诀。 溶脂针的注射可以帮助你控制饮食的同时,还可以帮你实现韩国明星的身材! 既健康又天然的帮助您瘦身!